The Best Vape and Dessert Pairings this Summer

There are few things in life more pleasurable than a good cake and coffee. When you combine the two, it’s a match made in heaven. But what if you could take that experience to a whole new level by pairing your favorite vape flavor with your favorite dessert?
It might sound like a strange concept, but trust us – it works. Vape and food pairings can elevate the flavor of both, giving you an amazing taste experience that you’ll never forget. You pair different vape flavors together with different kinds of food to see what tastes the best. …

Food Waste Episode: Our First-ever Community Event

On April 30, 2022, will be holding its first community event!  Join us in this live and engaging moment as we tackle Food Waste and how we, together, as a community prevent it. 
Here are the moments to watch out for:

A community that advocates together, have fun together! We will get the chance to introduce one another, and have a few exciting activities.
Talk to one of … Composting Workshop for All

Never Stop Learning because Never Stops Doing Workshops!
You read it right! This coming April 30, 2022, is inviting you to join our Composting Workshop, in partnership with Green Organization.
Guaranteed that there is so much to expect from this workshop. Not only that, you will get to have fun learning with your co-advocates! Isn’t it exciting?
In a nutshell, here are the things you would learn from this workshop:

Tips and Techniques to Preserve Apples

Apples are best to be eaten when fresh. They are nutritious and sourced from different vitamins. Preserving them has many ways since it varies if they are commercial or homegrown.  
Apples would usually turn brown as a result of the reaction of the enzyme to oxygen in the air. As you use those apples, in order to preserve them, coat them with lemon juice. 
It is a common thought that if you would put apples in the water, it could prevent their browning reaction to oxygen. This thought is not a fact. In fact, …

How Freezing Spoils Your Food

A freezer is one of the most useful factors in food preservation. Freezing food is one of the best and most effective ways to preserve your food. However, not all the time, it can guarantee that your food will remain unspoiled.
So how is this possible? You are failing to use the freezing process efficiently. Take note that food would still spoil even if it is inside the fridge. Freezing would not prevent food deadlines, but rather it can only extend shelf life.
For you to be effective, it is important to take note of …

Invitation from Attain Sustainability: A Small Step for a Bigger Change

Sustainability is just a noun without action. It has to be a verb for us to achieve our goals through our green efforts. is proud to present to you Attain Sustainability: A Small Step for a Bigger Change, in partnership with one of the most reputable organizations. An event that would bring respected speakers to teach us about the key step of achieving Sustainability.
Our very own Sustainability Advocate speakers will be there to lead this group of speakers from every part of the globe. 

How to Not Waste Food Every Christmas Celebration

Christmas celebration is one of the most awaited days around the world.  We get to eat together with our loved ones. Sadly, it is also the day with the most food wasted. The plain reason is it is considered to be a cheat day. We allow ourselves to consume food more than we usually do. It became our gratification after long months of restrictive rules. 
Yet, there are also ways that we can still consider it a cheat day without food waste.
All will start with planning. Although we want this to be a carefree day, it is…

How Does Use-By Date work?

Food is wasted because of the most common reason, it is passed the use-by date. Around the world, we are celebrating (or maybe not) National Stop Food Waste Awareness Day. However, in the USA alone, an estimated 125 to 160 billion pounds of food are wasted every year. Imagine how much of that food could fill up the stomach of every hungry human being.
There are many small ways to prevent food waste and you can start it right now. By eliminating the most common reason, we would be able to cut down enormously the amount of food being wasted every year. And that is …

Vacuum Packing: An Old Technique to Prevent Food Spoilage

Proper packaging is one of the effective ways to prevent food waste. One of its types is vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging is an old technique that up until now is still useful when it comes to preventing food spoilage.
This type of packaging can prevent the growth of microorganisms because air is being removed prior to sealing. Aside from that, this has also other advantages such as improving heat transfer, reducing volume, and improving the inability to bent out flexible packages. Although this may be the case, adequate precautions are needed especially for …

A Guide to Safely Freezing Food

The science of freezing food acts as a pause button to preserve and extend the shelf life of foods. It is a quick and convenient way to prevent food waste. Lowering the temperature around the food prevents microorganisms inhibited and continuing to grow in food.
As you place food inside the freezer, it is important to place a label on it. This rules out the confusion and any food accident. 
Defrosting food must not take place outside the fridge as it may stimulate microorganisms to grow faster. To begin with, place …