How to Freeze Dry Potatoes for Long-Term Storage

Have you ever wanted to preserve potatoes long-term without blanching or canning them? Freeze-drying meals is an easy method to achieve that. It allows you to enjoy your potatoes long after harvest. All you need are potatoes, a freezer, and a food dehydrator. It’s a simple process that lets you savor the flavor of summer’s bounty, even in the dead of winter.
Using this method, you can preserve pounds of potatoes in a space-efficient, lightweight form in just a few easy steps. Freeze drying removes the water from …

Tips and Techniques to Preserve Apples

Apples are best to be eaten when fresh. They are nutritious and sourced from different vitamins. Preserving them has many ways since it varies if they are commercial or homegrown.  
Apples would usually turn brown as a result of the reaction of the enzyme to oxygen in the air. As you use those apples, in order to preserve them, coat them with lemon juice. 
It is a common thought that if you would put apples in the water, it could prevent their browning reaction to oxygen. This thought is not a fact. In fact, …

How Freezing Spoils Your Food

A freezer is one of the most useful factors in food preservation. Freezing food is one of the best and most effective ways to preserve your food. However, not all the time, it can guarantee that your food will remain unspoiled.
So how is this possible? You are failing to use the freezing process efficiently. Take note that food would still spoil even if it is inside the fridge. Freezing would not prevent food deadlines, but rather it can only extend shelf life.
For you to be effective, it is important to take note of …

How to Not Waste Food Every Christmas Celebration

Christmas celebration is one of the most awaited days around the world.  We get to eat together with our loved ones. Sadly, it is also the day with the most food wasted. The plain reason is it is considered to be a cheat day. We allow ourselves to consume food more than we usually do. It became our gratification after long months of restrictive rules. 
Yet, there are also ways that we can still consider it a cheat day without food waste.
All will start with planning. Although we want this to be a carefree day, it is…