Vacuum Packing: An Old Technique to Prevent Food Spoilage

Proper packaging is one of the effective ways to prevent food waste. One of its types is vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging is an old technique that up until now is still useful when it comes to preventing food spoilage.
This type of packaging can prevent the growth of microorganisms because air is being removed prior to sealing. Aside from that, this has also other advantages such as improving heat transfer, reducing volume, and improving the inability to bent out flexible packages. Although this may be the case, adequate precautions are needed especially for …

A Guide to Safely Freezing Food

The science of freezing food acts as a pause button to preserve and extend the shelf life of foods. It is a quick and convenient way to prevent food waste. Lowering the temperature around the food prevents microorganisms inhibited and continuing to grow in food.
As you place food inside the freezer, it is important to place a label on it. This rules out the confusion and any food accident. 
Defrosting food must not take place outside the fridge as it may stimulate microorganisms to grow faster. To begin with, place …

Three Types of Food Planners—Which One Fits Your Personality?

There are many effective ways to reduce food waste and save money from food bills. One of those is food planning. Yet you might find yourself trapped in the cycle of food planning. For better effective food planning, we narrowed down steps with profile examples to help you overcome that cycle.
The Planning Profiles
Ask yourself what type of meal planner you are. Do you want organized meal planning? Or do you prefer an anything-in-the-fridge-to-be-planned meal? Do you like cooking at home? This is a significant step to ensure you know …

The Shopping Tricks to Avoid

Using psychological tricks is a common technique of companies. This could potentially help them encourage their consumer to take action. As a consumer, you may or may not notice these tricks. Unfortunately, this could lead you to be trapped in a shopping battleground.
So, how will you be able to overcome the obstacles in this shopping battle? There are many various ways, but the most effective is being familiar with these obstacles. Here we have outlined these common obstacles, and ways to overcome them.

Why Shopping Deals are Expensive

Have you ever thought about the price you have to pay for good deals? Probably not, because who would have thought there might be a cost behind those shining, mesmerizing discounts. Generally, these shopping offers are one of the strategies businesses invest in. It could bring them many sales and a higher chance of repeating customers.
However, as a consumer, it is hard to resist these offers and become unaware of some disadvantages. These good deals are only good if they are not wasted. We listed down the major key things to become aware of when food shopping….