Food Waste Episode: Our First-ever Community Event

On April 30, 2022, will be holding its first community event!  Join us in this live and engaging moment as we tackle Food Waste and how we, together, as a community prevent it. 
Here are the moments to watch out for:

A community that advocates together, have fun together! We will get the chance to introduce one another, and have a few exciting activities.
Talk to one of … Composting Workshop for All

Never Stop Learning because Never Stops Doing Workshops!
You read it right! This coming April 30, 2022, is inviting you to join our Composting Workshop, in partnership with Green Organization.
Guaranteed that there is so much to expect from this workshop. Not only that, you will get to have fun learning with your co-advocates! Isn’t it exciting?
In a nutshell, here are the things you would learn from this workshop:

Invitation from Attain Sustainability: A Small Step for a Bigger Change

Sustainability is just a noun without action. It has to be a verb for us to achieve our goals through our green efforts. is proud to present to you Attain Sustainability: A Small Step for a Bigger Change, in partnership with one of the most reputable organizations. An event that would bring respected speakers to teach us about the key step of achieving Sustainability.
Our very own Sustainability Advocate speakers will be there to lead this group of speakers from every part of the globe.