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We strongly believe that the rapid changes in our environment must not put the health of human beings and the environment at risk. Hence, Eatgrain.ca is conceived to enhance and thrive sustainable food consumption.

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How to Freeze Dry Potatoes for Long-Term Storage

Have you ever wanted to preserve potatoes long-term without blanching or canning them? Freeze-drying meals is an easy method to achieve that. It allows you to enjoy your potatoes long after harvest. All you need are potatoes, a freezer, and a food dehydrator. It’s a simple process that lets you savor the flavor of summer’s bounty, even in the dead of winter.
Using this method, you can preserve pounds of potatoes in a space-efficient, lightweight form in just a few easy steps. Freeze drying removes the water from …

Is CBD Oil Vegan?

As far as trendy wellness terms are concerned, veganism holds the top spot. And, of course, pure CBD oil is equally top on the chart. But can these two be fused? Does CBD oil fit into the vegan diet?
You are about to find out.
Perhaps you’ve jumped on the CBD oil bandwagon to experience its many touted health benefits. The answer to “Is CBD vegan-friendly?” depends on how the CBD oil was made. There are 100% vegan CBD products like CBD capsules, vegan CBD gummies, or any you prefer – you’ve just got to know …

The Best Vape and Dessert Pairings this Summer

There are few things in life more pleasurable than a good cake and coffee. When you combine the two, it’s a match made in heaven. But what if you could take that experience to a whole new level by pairing your favorite vape flavor with your favorite dessert?
It might sound like a strange concept, but trust us – it works. Vape and food pairings can elevate the flavor of both, giving you an amazing taste experience that you’ll never forget. You pair different vape flavors together with different kinds of food to see what tastes the best. …

Food Waste Episode: Our First-ever Community Event

On April 30, 2022, Eatgrain.ca will be holding its first community event!  Join us in this live and engaging moment as we tackle Food Waste and how we, together, as a community prevent it. 
Here are the moments to watch out for:

A community that advocates together, have fun together! We will get the chance to introduce one another, and have a few exciting activities.
Talk to one of …

Eatgrain.ca Composting Workshop for All

Never Stop Learning because Eatgrain.ca Never Stops Doing Workshops!
You read it right! This coming April 30, 2022, Eatgrain.ca is inviting you to join our Composting Workshop, in partnership with Green Organization.
Guaranteed that there is so much to expect from this workshop. Not only that, you will get to have fun learning with your co-advocates! Isn’t it exciting?
In a nutshell, here are the things you would learn from this workshop:

Tips and Techniques to Preserve Apples

Apples are best to be eaten when fresh. They are nutritious and sourced from different vitamins. Preserving them has many ways since it varies if they are commercial or homegrown.  
Apples would usually turn brown as a result of the reaction of the enzyme to oxygen in the air. As you use those apples, in order to preserve them, coat them with lemon juice. 
It is a common thought that if you would put apples in the water, it could prevent their browning reaction to oxygen. This thought is not a fact. In fact, …