How to Not Waste Food Every Christmas Celebration

Christmas celebration is one of the most awaited days around the world.  We get to eat together with our loved ones. Sadly, it is also the day with the most food wasted. The plain reason is it is considered to be a cheat day. We allow ourselves to consume food more than we usually do. It became our gratification after long months of restrictive rules. 

Yet, there are also ways that we can still consider it a cheat day without food waste.

All will start with planning. Although we want this to be a carefree day, it is important to consider the months we have invested in to reach our sustainability goal, just gets wasted for a day. 

Don’t worry. You don’t have to stress yourself out since we served you with the list of actions for a waste-free Christmas.

Before the festivities:

  • Free up spaces for the expected food to stock in the fridge.
  • Think about how many people you are expecting this day. Also, consider how much they consume. This would help you budget the food.
  • Make now the shopping list and think about it twice.
  • Check the use-by date of food to prevent food waste after the festivity.


  • Don’t pressure yourself to cook more. It is better to have less than to have more. 
  • Let people serve themselves. This could help you manage the food proportioning.
  • Serve first the food who are near their use-by dates.

Now that the celebration is finished, all you are left with are leftovers. It is better to enjoy this and consume them as it was during the celebration. Consume what will perish first. Most importantly, don’t forget to be experimental. You can still create recipes out of these leftovers.

Have you done some leftover recipes? Share your tips with us through our community channels.

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