About Us

We strongly believe that the rapid changes in our environment must not put the health of human beings and the environment at risk. Hence, Eatgrain.ca is conceived to enhance and thrive sustainable food consumption

Are you aware that by 2050, our global waste will grow by 70%? This is the WHY  of Eatgrain.ca  And our HOW is by transforming Eatgrain.ca into action, and impact.

We advocate shaping restrictive consciousness into diverse actions towards sustainable eating.  By advocating this awareness, we believe that it does not only benefit the health of people but also it produces a healthy, powerful impact on our environmental needs and issues. 

We make sure we would be able to achieve this by taking the following actions:

  • Emphasizing the different forms of eating sustainably that produce green-approved results
  • Creating articles full of well-researched and expert-backed tips, guides, and alternatives that would make Eatgrain.ca become an action
  • Ensuring our audience would make a first small step through community support because we understand the science behind small actions
  • Partnering with different platforms and organizations that support our mission and vision
  • Exploring different aspects of sustainable eating through various environmental programs and courses that could help us achieve our goals