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NEW! Specialty Flour Bundle
NEW! Specialty Flour Bundle
NEW! Specialty Flour Bundle

NEW! Specialty Flour Bundle


Our new Specialty Flour Bundle includes some of our most special freshly milled flours. We only source the best Canadian grains for those who want to take their baking and cooking to the next level. Save over $5 off the retail price when you buy a bundle! 

Bundle Size + Specifics:  
2 KG Organic 100% Whole Grain Einkorn Flour
2 KG Organic Durum '00' Flour 
2 KG GRAIN Organic Sifted Spelt Flour

The selection above represents the unique variety that Canada has to offer. Explore homemade pasta, delicious Einkorn pastries, and more challenging bread recipes with our Spelt Flour.

Use our Organic 100% Whole Grain Einkorn Flour to bake delicious cookies, loaves, cakes, bread, or pastry. This flour showcases the taste of ancient Einkorn wheat, with a flavour that shines in everything from pastry crust to sourdough bread. 

Our Organic Durum '00' Flour is ideal for creating beautiful egg-based fresh pasta. The flavour and texture of noodles made with this flour are second to none. 

Lastly, our 
GRAIN Organic Sifted Spelt Flour adds a sweet nuttiness to recipes. Experiment with sourdough bread, or fold it into muffin batters and banana bread. 

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