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Meet Our Farmers

Meet our farmers, and get acquainted with your food.


Bob Wallace
Tyner, SK

Bob Wallace is a second-generation farmer working his family farm in Southwest Saskatchewan. Aldor Farms — named after Bob’s parents Allan and Dorothy Wallace — cultivate Red Spring wheat and Laird lentils. Aldor also operates a seed-cleaning facility that serves the region’s farmers.


Dwayne Woolhouse
Assiniboia, SK

Dwayne Woolhouse has been farming his land near Assiniboia, Saskatchewan for more than 40 years, cultivating land first farmed by his grandfather in 1911. Crestview grows durum, korasan (Kamut), spelt, flax, peas and red, black and french lentils.


Michael Dutcheshen
Kamsack, SK

Joe Dutcheshen began experimenting during the early 1990s with quinoa — traditionally grown in the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes — to see if the seeds would grow on his family farm near Kamsack, SK. Dutcheshen would learn that quinoa’s frost tolerance and predilection for cool, dry weather meant it is well suited for Canadian climates. So he founded Northern Quinoa in 1992, a network of quinoa farmers that has grown to include 40 farms across the prairies, under the guidance of his son Michael.

Farmers Bernie

Bernie Ehnes
Etzikom, AB

Bernie Ehnes, his wife Kary and their two children farm 2400 acres of certified organic ancient grains, rye, peas and spring wheat. Bernie is a third-generation farmer, working the same land his grandfather homesteaded in 1911 near Etzikom in southeastern Alberta. Bernie supplies GRAIN Red Fife Heritage Wheat and Farro (Emmer).

Farmers Bernie

Melody & Lionel Ector
Elbow, SK

High school sweethearts Lionel and Melody Ector farm 4000 acres of chickpeas and other crops destined for export on their family farm near Elbow, Saskatchewan. They also run a cleaning, processing and packaging facility that serves farmers in the region, providing a central access point to Canadian-grown crops, including our delicious Kabuli chickpeas.

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