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Kabuli Chickpea Flatbread

Know and love our wildly popular GRAIN Kabuli Chickpeas already? We're excited to now offer them in freshly milled form,...

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Rhubarb Custard Cake

This custard cake has a texture that is creamy and light, with a lovely nutty flavour from using GRAIN Sifted Red Spring...

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Perfect Sunday Morning Pancakes

These simple pancakes are proof of the flavour you'll find when using our GRAIN freshly milled flours. Once you try...

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Summer Pop-Up Dates for FLOUR SHOP!

Summer Pop-Up Dates for FLOUR SHOP! Wondering when you can re-stock on GRAIN freshly milled flour? Mark your calendars, we've got...

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Join Our New GRAIN Facebook Clubs!

Join our new GRAIN Facebook Clubs! We've always wanted a way to connect you, our cooking-obsessed customers with one another,...

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French Lentil & Brussels Sprout Salad

  We love the flavours of our favourite Mediterranean foods together, especially when paired with our Canadian grown GRAIN French...

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Red Pepper Hummus with Fried Capers & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Every once in a while it's nice to amp up a favourite recipe like this version of our Classic From...

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Golden Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies

Even though it's summer there is still a year round need in our homes for freshly baked cookies. These tasty...

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Five Perfect Chickpea Salads for Summer

With the arrival of the hot weather at last, there's never a more important time to be ready with cooked...

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