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- Introducing -

Dry goods. Fresh people.

Know Your Farmer. Reclaim Freshness.
Be Different.


Know your farmer.

GRAIN brings you farm-direct dry goods with a story — stories of real people growing food.

We source Canadian products exclusively, choosing only the best we can find, from farmers and processors we know.


Reclaim freshness.

We bring a fresh approach to dry goods — one that engages, questions, and encourages us all to reconsider the food on our tables and how it got there.

By rejecting conventional practices of processing, storage, and distribution, GRAIN is disrupting the way we view otherwise commodified food sources.


Be different.

We present a new way. Taste bread made with fresh-milled flour — or experience the satisfaction of cooking chickpeas from scratch.

GRAIN is a connection between farmers and our food. For people who, like us, are always seeking a better way.



GRAIN founders Shira McDermott and Janna Bishop

GRAIN is a dry goods supply company formed by friends — friends of farmers, friends of fields, and friends of all people with an affinity for freshness.



“We want to revolutionize the way people use not only grains and legumes, but milled flour"

“Over at Le Marché St. George, refuel with a chai latte and crepes while browsing locally made Belmondo, Canada-grown golden quinoa from Grain, and Janaki Larsen ceramics."

“To us that is the heart of our mission: to connect Canadian farmers to Canadian consumers.”

“GRAIN is a Vancouver-based company that connects Canadian farmers with consumers, in this case, by sourcing, packaging and selling high quality dry goods such as lentils, chickpeas, wheat berries and quinoa.”

“As food lovers, we could not find the quality we wanted, nor the transparency we wanted.”

“Everyone talks about the origins of their fish and looks for sustainable alternatives. It’s time we started looking at other products, too.”

“We believe that people should care about these products for the same reasons that they care about their dairy, meat and produce.”

“Grain’s ability to deliver products sourced from a single farm is a game changer when it comes to putting these items on our menus.”

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