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The GRAIN Golden Quinoa Cooking Guide

One of the most common comments we get is how delicious our Golden Quinoa is, especially compared to the South American varieties we have previously known here in this half of the continent. With its grassy, nutty notes and firmer texture, Golden Quinoa is a truly special grain, made even more special by knowing it is sourced directly from Canadian family farms in Saskatchewan. 

With this special nature, comes a requirement for a slightly different approach when cooking it. When cooked according to directions, home cooks are guaranteed consistently delicious results, without bitterness or surprises. 

We've tapped our favourite local chefs to share their tried and tested methods of cooking it, and we've gathered our top picks here, for you. Here are our favourite ways we enjoy our Golden Quinoa. 

1. Rice Cooking Method
The most common way to cook quinoa is with the rice cooking method. Cooking our quinoa this way will result in tighter, firmer grains that won't mush or stick together. Here, it's all about the water to grain ratios. 

Simply combine the grain with a one to one ratio (precisely) of grain to cooking liquid. Use either straight cold water or chicken or vegetable stock to cook. A pinch of salt in the pot is optional. Simply bring to boil with the lid on and turn to low once boiling, leaving the lid on. Cook for 20 minutes exactly, then turn the heat off. Without removing the lid, steam for a further 10 minutes in the pot. 

Once cooked, remove the lid and fluff the grains with a fork. Transfer to a baking sheet and lay flat to cool. 

PRO TIP: add a tablespoon full of Apple Cider Vinegar to the cooking liquid, always being sure not to go over the one to one ratio. This will add flavour to the grains and soften them as it cooks.  

2. Pasta Method
Warning: once you try this method, you may never look back. Simply combine your grain with plenty of fresh cold water, like you would when cooking pasta or Wheat Berries. Add a pinch of salt and bring the water to a boil, with or without the lid on. Boil the quinoa for precisely 12 minutes and then drain in a fine mesh sieve. Rinse immediately with plenty of cold water to remove the starches. 

Allow the quinoa to drain and dry for up to 6 hours (or enjoy it right away). Using this cooking method will allow the grains to expand, and they will resemble the larger, South American varieties. Cooked quinoa can be stored cooked in the fridge to be readily added to salads or heated for warm breakfasts or grain bowls.  

3. Rice Cooker
We get asked often if our quinoa works in the rice cooker. Our answer? You bet! Just follow the one to one ratio rule, and cook for 20 minutes. 

To rinse or not to rinse on all of the above? A quick rinse to remove any dust is recommended but a thorough wash is not necessary.



We receive regular feedback that once you go Golden, it's tough to enjoy any other quinoa. The reasons to do so are so compelling that we love nothing more than to convert. Want our favourite quinoa recipes? We've gathered a few here. 

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Purchase GRAIN Golden Quinoa at one of these stockists, or find it online here. Happy home cooking! 

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