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5 Spring French Lentil Recipes

With the change to warmer temperatures, we're definitely craving more salads loaded with fresh vegetables and bright flavours. Here are 5 Spring French Lentil Recipes that go perfectly with beautiful weather.

French Lentil & Tomato Salad

Pictured above, make this recipe when you crave simple sustenance with a hint of sophistication. We love the addition of garden chives and two different ways to incorporate tomatoes. Experiment with different kinds of wine vinegar for variation. 

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Marinated French Lentil & Kale Salad

This tasty salad will wake up your taste buds and make you feel amazing too. The combination of highly nutritious Lacinato kale, roasted nuts, and feta cheese is addicting. Perfect for packed lunches and potlucks! 

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French Lentil & Brussels Sprout Salad

We love the flavours of our favourite Mediterranean foods together, especially when paired with our Canadian grown GRAIN French Lentils. Finely shredded Brussels sprouts provide a little green and whole lot of crunch. French Lentil & Brussels Sprout Salad. 

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Spring French Lentil Salad

This celebration of spring rings all the right notes for a lovely gathering around the Sunday dinner table. The surprise here is the radishes when pan-fried in a little ghee or butter - your guests will be totally delighted, as were we when we first tried this. Combined with our delicate and peppery French lentils, asparagus, goat cheese, and this new soy-balsamic vinaigrette, we think we've got a new seasonal classic.

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My New Roots Best Ever French Lentil Salad

This salad is literally the best French lentil salad going. Created by one of our favourite bloggers Sarah Britton of My New Roots, it has everything we love all in one hearty bowl. Make it Sunday and enjoy it all week on its own, or as an add-on to any vegetable based salad or grain bowl.

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