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#ShowUsYourPantries | An Instagram Story Campaign


Show Us Your Pantries! Introducing the #PantryTours on Instagram Stories: 

In the spirit of our mission to provide full transparency in dry goods, we’re taking a peek into one of the most intimate places we can think of: our kitchen pantries.

We want to see what makes real kitchens tick, by asking foodie friends and influencers to reveal their pantries. The good, the bad, and the straight up reality of it all. 

How are folks making some of the most important choices in their day? After all, we are what we eat. The brands we buy reflect our values, especially in today’s world of fake ingredients, trendy labeling buzzwords, and massive supermarket aisles where brands literally pay for placement - and our attention. 

What grocery buying decisions are you most proud of? When you open your pantry doors, what's the first thing you reach for? And, let's be honest, we all have pantry skeletons -- is that instant pudding? Are those Cheetos? Don't be shy. Show us your pantries.

Follow us on Instagram @eatgrain for updates on when the next #PantryTour is coming up. It's all on our Instagram Stories so you won't want to miss it! Let the #PantryTours begin. 

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