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New Loaves Added For FLOUR SHOP!

We've added loaves for FLOUR SHOP! 

We've added Olive Rosemary Loaves by Di Beppe's Letitia Wan to the FLOUR SHOP pre-order line-up, available in limited quantities!

For those who attended our first ever Fresh Bread Event at Di Beppe in June, this loaf was voted number ONE by our panel of foodie judges. It's a super hearty and delicious loaf you'll want to try, and is now available in limited quantities for pre-order!  

To secure your flour and bread for FLOUR SHOP, we encourage pre-ordering, to ensure you get exactly what you want. Also, we've got a special gift for pre-order customers (we can't wait to share it with you). 

Bulk flour sales will be available for our popular Organic Sifted Red Spring Wheat Flour and Organic Sifted Red Fife Wheat Flour only (all other flours must be pre-ordered), available in 1 KG increments for those who prefer to use their own packaging. 

We will have sourdough starter on hand as well, as a free gift available with purchase. 

Place your pre-order here. See you then!