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GRAIN Farm Update: Bob Wallace of Aldor Farms

GRAIN Farm Update: Bob Wallace of Aldor Farms 

Here at GRAIN, we talk an awful lot about this Farmer Bob, who grows the Laird Lentils and Wheat Berries you now find on grocery store shelves, and on your plates in the restaurants we serve. It was Bob who first expressed frustration about the lack of transparency when it comes to the dry goods found on Canadian retailer shelves and bulk bins, and it is thanks to his, and other farmers, tireless hard work we are able to bring you the quality Canadian products that we do. 

Our customers are always pleased to learn more about the amazing crops that Canadian farmers have been producing in the Prairies for generations. After all, Canada is one of the world's largest producers of the best chickpeas, lentils, wheat, durum, and mustard seeds found anywhere - most of which are destined for global markets well outside of Canada. 

Like everything, grain and legume crops are subject to certain realities, both good and bad, when it comes to the one thing farmers can never control: the weather. So what happens when the rain hits in Saskatchewan and doesn't stop? Crops are undoubtedly affected, and such is true of this year's lentil crop on Bob Wallace's farm. 

We expect the lentil crop will be compromised this year, and while we have some lentils left from the 2015 harvest season, we may be looking to other lentils for the coming year like the French Green or the Black Beluga. At GRAIN, we are committed to providing transparency and freshness - and with that comes the inevitable likelihood of ups and downs when it comes to supply. 

The good news is the wheat crops are thriving, as evidenced by this photo of Bob in his durum fields. Bob has been growing durum for most of his farming career, and it is prized for making the world's best pasta (usually in Italy, where we buy it back as a Product of Italy). 

We expect the same amazing Wheat Berries as we always have this year, and will have to wait and see how the lentil crops turn out. As for Bob? He's almost ready for harvest season, even despite all of the season's rain. 

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