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Friends of GRAIN: Abeego Founder Toni Desrosiers

Curious about the folks behind your favourite progressive brands and products? We are too and that's why we're so excited to collaborate with Toni Desrosiers from Abeego. We've long admired her product and love to bring more awareness to just how fresh your food can be. 

Read on to learn more about Abeego and the founder behind the brand. 

What was the inspiration for creating Abeego? 

In 2008 I was a practicing as a holistic nutritionist and the concept of eating food that looked like it did when it was living or growing was my mantra. The seed for Abeego was planted the day I realized the food wrap I was keeping my food “fresh” in didn’t look or act anything like the peel, skin, shell or rind nature was using to protect my food. In that moment I became obsessed with proving that there was a natural way to keep food fresh while allowing for the modern convenience of conventional food wrap. Abeego stemmed from my deep trust in the intelligence of nature coupled with my constant desire to create things that make sense.  

Is it better than traditional plastic wrap or containers? 

For 1000's of years humans stored food naturally but in the 50's we starting wrapping, locking and sealing our fresh food with air tight plastic wrap in an effort to preserve it longer.

It was noble effort but what we didn’t consider is that food is alive and needs to breathe in the same way our skin does. When we wrap fresh food in airtight plastic wrap it sweats, suffocates and rots.  That contributes to the 15 billion dollars Canadian households toss into the compost heap every year!

Abeego is not like traditional plastic wrap or storage containers, instead it mimics nature's peel.  Take the lemon peel for example; it protects and preserves the lemon but it's not airtight. It breathes. Abeego is a new “peel” that picks up where nature’s peels leave off. Our reusable, beeswax food wrap preserves and protects your food and lets it breathe at the same time. The result is fresher food naturally.

What is Abeego wrap made of? 

Abeego is made using 5 simple and pure ingredients: beeswax, tree resin, jojoba oil infused into a hemp and cotton cloth. 

Other than Abeego, what are your kitchen must-haves? 

I love simple objects and tools that lend themselves to multiple uses. A good set of metal tongs are my most loved kitchen tool. I have a drawer full of Mason jars that are used to store everything that doesn't end up in an Abeego and I'd never be able to cook without my cast iron pans.

What is always in your fridge or pantry? 

Homemade granola, plain yogurt and a pile of the season's freshest fruit. We always have between 2-4 jars of honey from around the world on the go. Luckily for us, honey is the one thing people always bring back from their travels as a gift.

As a female entrepreneur, what is one thing you would pass on to other budding women pursuing their own business plans?

You’ll always have a never ending to-do list so consider coupling it with a ta-da list. It's easy to feel like your drowning under the pile of work required to start, run and grow a business. I start every week writing down every task I need to complete and when the list is incomplete at the end of the week I feel like I’ve failed. My business coach suggested I implement a weekly ta-da list. It's the practice to taking a moment at the end of each week to write a list of everything you've accomplished with out comparing it to what you thought you had to do. It’s now the most powerful list I make. Recognizing my accomplishments with my Friday afternoon ta-da list allows me to believe in myself and leave Abeego over the weekend so I can live a life outside my business!

Follow Abeego on Instagram or visit their website to learn more. 

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