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SOLD OUT! Bread Pre-Orders from Baga Breads

Photo Credit: Alison Page

Sourdough Breads by Baga Breads! 

Anyone who has ever eaten at Gastown favourite The Birds & The Beets will know how delicious their pan-style sourdough bread loaves are. We're excited to announce that Alessandra Percival, formerly the head baker at The Bird & The Beets, will be baking two delicious styles of pan loaves available at next week's Stuff Yourself Local Market! 

Her new venture, Baga Breads, promises to bring Vancouver more of what it wants, delicious loaves baked by folks who are dedicated to delicious bread. Plus, for the first time, she'll be using flour freshly milled from the GRAIN mill! 

Alessandra will have limited quantities of loaves available in anticipation for the big weekend, and we are stoked to offer pre-sales in advance so you can secure one (or two) for yourself! 

1. Whole Wheat Country Loaf ~ $6 each 
60% whole wheat
40% unbleached flour
Naturally leavened

Buckwheat Quinoa Loaf ~ $6 each 

20% buckwheat
40% whole wheat
40% unbleached flour with quinoa
Naturally leavened
Notes: Nuttiness from the buckwheat, with a nice creaminess almost like a porridge loaf from the quinoa.

See you there! 

Photo Credit: Alison Page

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