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New at GRAIN: Canadian Black Eclipse Beans


New at GRAIN: Canadian Black Eclipse Beans

We are very excited to welcome a new addition to the GRAIN wholesale line: black beans from Manitoba. 

Black beans are little nuggets of nutrition, high in protein, folic acid, magnesium, iron, B vitamins and potassium. They are an excellent low-fat source of complex carbohydrates and fibre.

The vast majority of Canadian black beans are exported to the US. But thanks to a new partnership with H&M Farms near Altona, Manitoba, we’re able to divert a tiny portion to the West Coast market so we can enjoy yet another Canadian prairie gem here at home.

Manitoba, along with Ontario and Alberta, is a key bean growing region for Canada, where the temperature and moisture levels are just right. Melvin Penner has been farming beans and grains in Southern Manitoba since the 70s and, now, with his nephew and son-in-law, runs H&M Farms. We are proud to partner with yet another family farm on the Canadian prairies who are dedicated to their land, crops and community.

Working directly with farmers allow us to say with confidence when and how our products were grown. In this case, we know that our first black bean shipment, which arrived earlier this month, was harvested last fall. This is important because prolonged storage can cause legumes to go stale and flavourless - and in cooked batches of old black beans, you’re likely to find quite a few chalky ones. 

With a single-source, farmer-direct black bean supply, we’re excited to offer consistency and quality to chefs across the Lower Mainland. 

Look for our beans in tacos, soups and salads soon!

Available in Wholesale quantities only. For our full line of retail products, shop here.